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Full house at GAHP’s UNEA2 event

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Over 100 people attended GAHP’s event at UNEA2 on May 27 to learn more about “Pollution: The Largest Cause Of Death On The Planet – A Lancet Report In The Making.”

GAHP has convened a “global pollution brain trust” of leaders to produce a report, The Global Commission on Pollution, Health + Development, that will be published by The Lancet at the end of 2016. While findings are preliminary at this stage, the session offered a sneak peek at details of the report to give attendees an idea of the scale of the pollution problem, and the stunning results expected to be unveiled.

The event was presented by GAHP with partners including Germany, Indonesia, Philippines, Mexico, Ghana, Cambodia, Cameroon, Madagascar, Jordan, Peru, Uruguay, Togo, European Commission Director General Environment, UNEP, EB, and UNIDO.



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Partnering to Solve Pollution Problems