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Pollution Info-session # 1 – How to Remediate Lead-Contaminated Sites


John Keith will share his global experiences in remediating lead-contaminated sites in the first Pollution Info-Session.

Mr. Keith is an environmental executive and engineer with over 40 years experience in industry and government. He has directed many contamination remediation projects in the U.S. and throughout the world. In 2010 he spent 3 months in Zamfara, Nigeria, as the project manager for Pure Earth/Blacksmith Institute, remediating severe lead contamination in seven remote villages.

He served as Director of Operations for Pure Earth in 2011-2012, and since entering semi-retirement, serves as Senior Technical Advisor. He has provided expert advice for many Pure Earth projects, including efforts in Vietnam, Indonesia, Somaliland, Zambia and several former Soviet Union countries, working mostly on lead and pesticide contamination projects.

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