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GAHP-Hosted Panel Discussion At C20 Summit

EVENT: GAHP-hosted Panel Discussion at the C20 (Civil Society 20) Summit: Reducing Pollution and its Impacts on Health and Climate Change: A Vital Part of the G20’s Safeguarding the Planet […]

Continuing G20 Outreach

    As the world deals with the global pandemic, GAHP has continued active outreach work attending C20 and T20 virtual meetings and participating in various working groups to advocate […]

Responding To Funding Calls For Air Pollution

The GAHP team, together with partners in Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Sweden and the U.S., successfully submitted three grants to USAID and the U.S. Department of State. It is notable that […]

GAHP at T20

On May 13, 2020, GAHP’s Acting Executive Director Rachael Kupka attended the T20 Webinar “Coronavirus and Climate: Converging Global Crises” to share GAHP’s policy brief on pollution-related diseases and COVID-19. […]

Making Connections At G20, T20, C20, U20 and more

GAHP has been busy behind-the-scenes working to bring more global attention to, and influence policy on, pollution. To that end, we have been forging crucial connections with think tanks, cities […]

USAID Expands Pollution Prevention Efforts

On February 6, USAID issued a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) seeking opportunities to collaborate on pollution prevention and mitigation. This is the first time they have issued such a BAA […]

Partnering to Solve Pollution Problems