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Listen Now: Vox’s The Weeds – There’s Lead In Your Turmeric

In a recent episode of The Weeds, Vox’s well-regarded podcast on politics and policy, Rachel Silverman, a policy fellow at the Center for Global Development (CGD), called for more support for GAHP’s work at the policy level to help “… do all that (can) be done in this space.”

Silverman was discussing the CGD’s policy positions calling for high-level political support from the Biden administration to elevate childhood lead poisoning in the global public health agenda. In the discussion, she acknowledges that lead paint and pipes remain an issue in the U.S., but is minor compared to the high lead exposure and harm to children in low- and middle-income countries from other sources.

Citing GAHP member Pure Earth’s work and research, including The Toxic Truth report, Silverman discusses the three lesser-known but major sources of lead exposure that are currently poisoning millions of children in low and middle-income countries: improper lead-acid battery recycling, contaminated spices, and lead-glazed pottery.

Listen to the full podcast “There’s lead in your turmeric” now to learn more about why lead is the next big global health issue the world should pay attention to.

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