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Gina McCarthy’s Passionate Pollution Plea Brings Crowd To Its Feet

Former US EPA Administrator, Gina McCarthy, received a rousing standing ovation recently for her passionate call to arms to #BeatPollution. McCarthy began making her case by laying down the facts, reminding the crowd that pollution is the largest environmental cause of death in the world today. She then reiterated the oft-forgotten fact that pollution is one global problem that can be solved… if only we worked together. That was one of McCarthy’s key messages.

“The truth is that pollution impacts Republicans and Democrats. It is nonpartisan. It is indiscriminate in terms of the lives that it impacts and the injuries it visits on our children.”

“Where pollution is concerned, let me paraphrase a movie line here — I am mad as hell and I’m just not gonna take it anymore.”

McCarthy was speaking at the Pure Earth benefit gala showcasing pollution solutions. Read more about McCarthy’s speech, or watch the video.

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Partnering to Solve Pollution Problems