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September 2019

  • Madagascar Moves Forward: UNICEF and Pure Earth Bring Stakeholders Together, Funding Secured For Pollution Programs
  • HPAP Update: 7 Countries Complete Process
  • Laying Out GAHP’s Plan at the OECD
  • GAHP Incorporation
  • The Amazon (and Other Areas) Are Burning. Alternative Argentinian Farming Method Could Be Solution
  • First-of-its-kind Facility To Study Ecotoxicology

June 2019

  • GAHP Incorporation Moves Forward
  • GAHP Annual Report
  • Pollution Identified As One of Five Key Drivers Of Biodiversity Loss

March 2019

  • Sharing Insights on Lead Poisoning and Batteries at the Green Tent Event at UNEA4
  • GAHP Incorporation: Stakeholder Feedback Addressed
  • GAHP Preparatory and Incorporation Meeting
  • Discussing Crop Burning and Air Pollution on France 24

January 2019

  • New Report Documents How Pollution Travels Worldwide in Our Air, Water, Food and Products
  • GAHP Incorporation: Consultation Process Coming To A Close
  • Journal of Health and Pollution Grows, Announces Special Edition

December 2018 (Special Announcement)

  • GAHP Incorporation: Give Us Your Input

November 2018

  • Madagascar Commits To Combating Pollution
  • A Sustainable Future for GAHP – Incorporation in Switzerland
  • Deadline Nov. 15: Have You Completed The Survey?
  • Update: Report on Transboundary Pollution
  • Global Observatory on Pollution and Health Launches
  • New Report Identifies 25 Measures For Clean Air

Partnering to Solve Pollution Problems

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