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GAHP Incorporation Moves Forward

Thanks to support from the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation (SDC) and UN Environment, more than 24 representatives from 21 different organizations participated in GAHP’s kick-off incorporation meetings in early May in Geneva.

Participants gathered to review in detail and approve GAHP’s Statutes and Regulations, and gave the official “go ahead” to proceed with incorporation in Switzerland. Read the minutes of the meeting here. 

Importantly, GAHP’s structure will allow GAHP Members to nominate representatives to the Board, and to participate in developing and implementing a global response to pollution and health problems. Observers will also be allowed to provide advice and input into GAHP’s activities.

Thanks to everyone for helping to shape GAHP’s future, including government representatives from Cambodia, Ghana, Peru, Senegal, Sweden, and Thailand, as well as participants from UNICEF, UN Environment, World Bank, and NGOs including Clean Air Asia, Air Quality Asia, Educar Consumidores, Environment and Security Center of Mongolia, Pure Earth, and Reproductive Health Uganda, among others.

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