Core Team Leaders

The Commission is chaired by Philip Landrigan, MD, a distinguished professor and physician, and the Dean for Global Health at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, and by Richard Fuller, Founder and President of Pure Earth and Secretariat of the Global Alliance on Health and Pollution.

The work of the Commission is overseen by a Steering Committee composed of the following representatives:

  • Philip Landrigan, Commission Co-Chairman and Lead Author of Commission Report Chapter 1
  • Richard Fuller, Commission Co-Chairman and Co-Lead Author of Commission Report Chapter 4
  • Maureen Cropper, Co-Lead Author of Commission Report Chapter 2
  • Alan Krupnick, Co-Lead Author of Commission Report Chapter 2
  • Karti Sandilya, Lead Author of Commission Report Chapter 3
  • David Hanrahan, Co-Lead Author of Commission Report Chapter 4
  • Tim Kasten, representing United Nations Environment
  • Yewande Awe, representing the World Bank Group

The Chairmen are joined by an esteemed group of Commissioners from around the world, which includes former heads of state, leaders from multilateral development agencies; Ministers of Heath and Environment; a Nobel Laureate; distinguished physicians, economists and scientists; noted environmental advocates and public figures. Commissioners contribute subject matter expertise and leadership, and serve as the Commission’s ambassadors to the public.

Research and drafting for the Commission Report is coordinated through the office of Pure Earth, and includes contributions from Lead Authors, Commissioners, partner organizations, advisors, consultants and in-house staff. 

The Commission Report was put through three phases of review before publication: an initial review by the steering committee, a review by the Commissioners; and a full peer- review process according to the internal publication guidelines of The Lancet.

Partnering to Solve Pollution Problems