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Clean Air Case Studies in Asia: Watch Discussion With GAHP, UNEP, Air Quality Asia and Other Experts

On December 10, over 100 participants from around the world attended a webinar co-organized by GAHP to learn more about clean air case studies from Asia with experts from GAHP, UNEP, Air Quality Asia, Asian Institute of Technology, and Live & Learn for Environment and Community in Vietnam.

“Multiple Benefits of Air Pollution Interventions: Case Studies in Asia” is part of part of the UNEP and Asia Pacific Clean Air Partnership (APCAP)’s Clean Air Solutions webinar series.

Learn more and watch the full webinar below.

Multiple Benefits of Air Pollution Interventions: Case Studies in Asia

Moderator: Ms. Maria Katherina Patdu, Associate Program Officer, UNEP Bangkok


  • Ms. Shazia Rafi, President, Sustainable World/Air Quality Asia
  • Dr. Supat Wangwongwatana, Senior Policy and Technical Advisor, Asian Institute of Technology
  • Ms. Do Van Nguyet, Director, Live & Learn for Environment and Community, Vietnam

In Asia Pacific, over 90 per cent of the region’s population are exposed to levels of air pollution that pose a significant risk to their health. Everyone is affected, but the impacts fall heavily on the most vulnerable – children, women, elderly, and people living in poverty. Many air pollutants also contribute directly to the climate crisis and negatively affect the environment and ecosystems. These conditions threaten the region’s sustainable development agenda.

Fortunately, this region is also home to many solutions that can help beat air pollution, save lives, and protect our planet.

The event introduces air quality interventions that provide multiple benefits for health and climate, and demonstrates with case studies their application in Asian countries.  

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