GAHP is a network of international and national level agencies committed to a collaborative, multi-sectoral approach to address the global pollution crisis and the resulting health and economic impacts.

OUR GOAL is to reduce death and illness caused by all forms of toxic pollution in air, water, soil, and chemical wastes.

The stakes are high.

Every year
pollution steals
9 Million Lives
7 Of Health CARE COSTS
92% of pollution-related deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

GAHP meets a critical need in the global development architecture. As a nimble alliance, it provides an avenue for rapid action.

By delivering results quickly,
GAHP helps save lives and
improve livelihoods.

Our Impact

60+ Members UNICEF, UNIDO, World Bank, European Commission, + Dozens of Observers.
Achieved the inclusion of all
forms of pollution in
Target 3.9 of the
Sustainable Development Goals
Health and Pollution Action Plans
in 10 countries
Led The Lancet
Commission on Pollution and Health

Partnering to Solve Pollution Problems

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