GAHP Incorporation

GAHP will incorporate as a foundation in Geneva, Switzerland in 2019, following the footsteps of other major alliances. The incorporation process will be a joint effort of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, the Ministry of Environment, Ecology and Forests of Madagascar, and Pure Earth, amongst others.

The GAHP Secretariat, with support from two premier law firms (Freshfields LLP in the USA and Homburger LLP in Switzerland), and with GAHP advisors and supporters, has carried out extensive research and discussion to develop what we believe is an optimum set of incorporation documents and a governance structure that will allow GAHP to function as a fully fledged actor on the global stage, yet at the same time retain its sense of pioneering spirit and solution-focused work in partner countries.

Learn more about the incorporation process:


The Secretariat is now conducting a stakeholder consultation process. 

Stakeholders are invited to review and provide feedback regarding the proposed GAHP governance structure, as drafted in these two incorporation documents (Statutes and Rules & Regulations) as required by Swiss law.


Stakeholders are invited to submit answers to the questionnaire below by the Jan. 18, 2019.  

Stakeholders interested in providing feedback and participating in an incorporated GAHP should respond by email to by Jan. 8, 2019, using the template below. Please copy/past/edit the template as needed.


Email Response Template (edit as needed): 

Dear Rachael,

I/my organization [Agency Name] is interested to explore potential membership in an incorporated GAHP, and to provide feedback on the governance structure, as proposed in the draft Statutes and Regulations.

Kindly note that this email and subsequent discussions or feedback do not constitute any formal decision or internal legal approval regarding the proposed governance structure.

We look forward to reviewing and discussing, and continuing our engagement with GAHP.


[Contact information]


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